MDF glass partition                                                                             

MDF glass partitions serve to divide rooms according to the needs and wishes of the client. With MDF frames it is possible to create unique interior solutions including variations of colour and veneer finishing. MDF glass partitions are typically designed as modules of the same size, which allows simple usage during their installation as well as during the refurbishment of premises. The partitions are easy to install and move around later on if necessary. MDF glass partition modules can be produced in various sizes according to the customer’s wishes, but in this case it is necessary to explain the criteria for maximum dimensions in collaboration with the constructor. It is possible to colour, veneer and varnish MDF glass partition frames with the most commonly used finishing materials. MDF glass partition frames are generally made 55-150mm wide. With the help of frames that are wider than 150mm it is possible to create shelf partitions, which provide a unique solution by forming ready-to-use shelves in a room. The shelves reach 800mm in depth. All frames are 30mm thick. If the client wishes, it is possible to use painted tiles, melamine, veneer or leather panels, opaque glass etc. Technically, the kind of panels used as filling does not matter, as long as it is not wider than the maximum width of the glass groove. We usually use sliding, panel and glass doors with MDF glass partitions. In addition, it is possible to resolve all problems that need special solutions with doors of special sizes and special requirements. On client’s request we manufacture door frames of the same size as the MDF glass partition frames. The doors can be fitted with most commonly used locks, fittings and handles. MDF glass partition modules are brought to a site as ready-to-use modules and their installation takes place swiftly without much dust and waste. Materials used in the production of partitions meet all health requirements.

At Glassway LLC we provide a two-year-warranty for our products, which is valid only if a product is installed by an authorized installer of Glassway LLC.

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