Full glass partition solutions

Full glass partitions are designed to create rooms, where there is need to more efficiently direct day-light into more distant windowless workplaces. Full glass partitions allow creating a high and clear visibility in the entire office, since these partitions have no vertical poles. The glass is attached to the floor and the ceiling with special attachment frames. U-frames that depend on the thickness of the glass are used to attach glass to the floor and clamp frames are used to attach it to the ceiling. The thickness of the glass usually does not exceed 8-12mm. In the case of sheet glass we use only tempered glass or laminated glass. All of the glass edges that remain visible are refined or polished. The frames can be coloured according to the RAL catalogue. In addition we offer different tinted and security laminate covers, as well as various laminate cover designs.

It is possible to fill joints between glass with silicon to achieve better sound resistance. Full glass partition solutions can be used with most of swinging and sliding door systems.

It is also possible to add some detail from corner partitions, LU or swinging doors etc.

At Glassway LLC we provide a two-year-warranty for our products, which is valid only if a product is installed by an authorized installer of Glassway LLC.



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